What To Consider If You Want To Move To Washington

Washington is located on the West Coast of the United States. Canada is to its north and Oregon is to its south. The entire West Coast sits on the Ring of Fire, which means that there is a lot of seismic activity in and around the state. There are many active fault lines in the state and to the West of the State. Earthquakes happen sometimes, though the risks from shaking generally go down as you go more inland. There are many mountains, such as Mount Rainier, that are volcanoes. There are some neighborhoods that are built in the path that lahars would flow in if Mount Rainier erupted. Meanwhile, there are many neighborhoods among the coastline that are due to suffer from a tsunami when the Cascadia earthquake happens. If you are going to move to Washington, all of these geological things should be considered.


Washington is generally a “blue state,” which means that it generally has a more liberal affiliation. However, the state follows the same pattern as other states in the fact that the areas around Seattle, the most populous city in the state, are blue. Meanwhile, it is red everywhere else in the state. Much of the state is actually conservative, but the major metropolitan areas along the coast are very liberal and seem to reign supreme over what direction the state swings in. Washington is one of those states that has fully legalized marijuana. Also, legally, it is very easy to obtain abortions and various means of contraception and emergency contraception.


Many parts of Washington are affordable. There are some parts that people say are expensive or have gone up in price. However, some of these areas, such as Bellingham, are still very affordable when you compare them to other places in America. For example, some people complain and talk about homes in Bellingham like they have become luxury homes Bellingham WA. However, a house that has risen to a price around $300,000.00 is pretty cheap when you compare that to the prices of the homes in the suburbs of New York. Of course, there are homes in Oregon that are have luxury price tags attached to them.


The climate and landscape really depends on what part of the state you live in. Along the coast, the climate tends to be cloudy, mild, gray and humid. To the east, it is drier and cooler. The weather has a lot to do with how the atmosphere interacts with the local geography. Washington, like other West Coast states, has the reputation of having a more mild climate where, on average, it neither gets overly hot nor overly cold.


The West Coast has a reputation for the appearance of masses of homeless people. Washington and Oregon are known as places where people from California have moved to. There is some sort of hatred or resentment against Californians who have moved to the Pacific Northwest States. The prices of housing have gone up, which has been partially blamed on the amount of people coming up to the Northwest from California.